Board Leadership Governance

3.1 DISTRICT MISSION Partnering with our community in a dynamic, global society, our mission is to empower our students to be lifelong learners by providing a safe, progressive, student-centered learning experience.
3.2 DISTRICT VISION Driven by excellence, we will be the recognized leader in preparing students for life.
3.3 EXPECTATIONS Goal 1: Student Achievement  All schools will meet or exceed targets of the Wyoming Accountability in Education Act.  Attain 90% graduation of 4-year cohort. Attain 93% graduation of 5-year cohort. Attain 95% graduation of 6-year cohort. Goal 2: Teaching and Assessing for Learning  The District will continue to implement the Professional Learning Community framework to increase student achievement.  Grade level and/or departments will develop and share common assessments (formative and summative). The common assessment data will guide instruction and provide specific student feedback to inform learning. Evidence of progress will be reported in May 2017.